From the S. Echmiadzin and from our heart we send our greetings and blessings to the Brotherhood of the Armenian Apostolic Church wishing you spirit-building new achievements.


Vazgen A
All the Armenians' Catholicos
March 10, 1994




With a sense of warmest fatherly love we greet the Spiritual Brotherhood of the Armenian Church on the land of Armenia. We are well informed of the reality that:

- They are carrying out the spiritual ministry in the healthy doctrinal sphere of the Armenian Church.

- They apply the truths of the Gospel in their daily lives and preach them.

- They spread the evangelical spirit of the Armenian Church to the ordinary classes of people.

- They support and protect the Armenian Church from those who try to stain our saint Illuminator's faith with their false preaching.

We pray to the gracious God, that He will strengthen all the members in Armenia, Kharabach and in Diaspora with His heavenly wisdom and the virtue of spiritual firmness.

Jesus said to His disciples. "Be my witnesses". The same words are addressed to you, our dear brothers and sisters, precious children of the Armenian Apostolic Church.

As a newly elected all Armenians' Catholicos we bless you and your Christ-centered work from the holy place of pilgrimage, the Saint Edgmiadzin.

Be sound in the Lord, be strengthened in the grace of the Holy Spirit and be blessed in Him forever.

Praying for You
29 of April, 1995
S. Echmiadzin

Garegin A.
All the Armenians'Catholicos


We serve and worship the True God Jesus Christ our Lord and our Savior.

Saint Gregory the Illuminator

At appropriate times for the people the sisters and brothers, sometimes only sisters (which is called the women's prayer meeting) come together for worship. They read and preach the Bible, often from the daily readings of the Church. Prayers from the Prayer book are read: They also learn to listen to God's voice by receiving Christ in their hearts.

The Brotherhood cares for everyone to understand and perceive God's Word with apostolic balance, without extreme perspectives and fanatic approaches. The Brotherhood explains the Statement of Confession clearly and endeavors, so that people will get informed and participate in the worship, especially in the Holy Liturgy of the Church by faith and fear.

We learn, live and proclaim the Holy Gospel: the Good News all over the world. Praising God with songs, hymns and psalms is a part of our worship both in social and family meetings.


We invite all the believers, gentlemen and ladies, people of all ages from young to old to

The Brotherhood of Armenian Apostolic Church


The meetings in Yerevan are held at "Nayirit" cultural center
(near the Square of Garegin Njdeh)

On Wednesdays, at 4:00 p.m.

On Sundays, at 3:00 p.m.